Short sleeve round neck t-shirt


100%Cotton TEPP round neck t-shirt





Comfortable to wear, soft, natural fibers, cool and comfortable to drain sweat Excellent flexibility Good quality, washing, not bias No side seams Increase comfort and look cooler
Special details
1.Round neckline designed to be wide and fit, not attached to the neck. side seams Fit the body Better to absorb sweat
3.The softness and shine of the fabric is comfortable. a hem into a 2-ply envelope with fine stitches Special sewing thread Flexible according to the fabric, strong and durable
5.Japanese pattern strips that fit your body, fit your body, look more active and young. "
1.Contton 100% Fine cotton32 comb type
2.Super soft and comfortable With cotton and weaving
3.Absorb sweat well Excellent ventilation
4.Slim fit, high stretch fabric Suitable for work activities, sports, wearing a lining
5.Washes, does not bias, does not lose shape with a special woven fabric structure
6.Long-lasting, cost-effective thanks to special sewing techniques
7.Beautiful cut, padded and comfortable to wear alone Or put it to sleep well
8.100% natural special cotton, cool and comfortable all summer And warm in cold weather or the office with a cool air conditioner.
9.It is a short-sleeved shirt, round neck, comfortable to wear, the neck is not too attached.
10.Is a casual semi-tank top That wipes more sweat in the armpits.
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