Male undershirt


Undershirt cotton100% brand TEPP





Comfortable, soft, Excellent flexibility Good quality, washing, not bias No side seams Increase comfort and look cooler
Special details
1 The neck is not very deep Put inside the shirt
2 No side seams Fit the body Better to absorb sweat
3 The softness and shine of the fabric is comfortable.
4 Sewn into a 2-layer envelope, strength and durability
5 Japanese pattern strips that fit your body
1 contton 100% Fine cotton32 comb type
2 super soft and comfortable With cotton and weaving
3 good sweat wicking, excellent breathability
4 Slim fit, high stretch fabric Suitable for work activities, sports, wearing a lining
5 washing does not bias, does not lose shape with a special woven fabric structure
6 Long-lasting, cost-effective thanks to special sewing techniques
7 beautiful cut, innerwear and one casual wear Or put it to sleep well
8 100% natural special cotton, cool to wear both in summer and warm in cold weather or in the office with cool air conditioning.
9 is a hidden neck u put inside Didn't see the collar "
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